Questions and answers

When is your birthday ?
My birthday is in september.

How old are you ?
I’m 10 (years old).

What’s your name ?
My name is Max.

Where do you come from ?
I come from France.

Where do you live ?
I live in Ranville.

Have you got a pet ?
No, I haven’t. / Yes, I’ve got one dog.

Who is this ?
This is my brother.

What would you like for breakfast ?
I’d like cereals.

How are you ?
I’m fine, happy, sad, sick, hungry, hot, cold, tired, angry, thirsty

What’s the weather like today ?
It’s sunny / raining / cloudy.

What’s the date today ?
Today is monday the fourth of may.

What time is it ?
It’s two o’clock.

What color is it ?
It’s black.